Am I a Time Traveler?

While organizing a box of sheet music, journals, and miscellaneous items last night, I found a piece of jewelry that sparked the question: Am I a time traveler?

As I held the penny candy ring in my hands, and slid it onto my index finger, stretching out my hand as if I was just given a diamond, I marveled at the holographic image. It was a photo of the former President Richard Nixon on it. It was dated February 21, 1972.

When I looked back into the box of stuff, I pulled out notes that I had written in February 2014. These notes were a map-like structure of how to musically compose a piece of music that would impact audiences using sound and color to enhance their experience.

Last week, I just booked my first “We Choose Love” music and mindfulness event at Maxwell’s Taven Hoboken NJ on Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 7pm-9pm (Free) for the purpose of offering audiences an enhanced performance experience…using sound and color.

Am I a Time Traveler? Maybe…maybe we all are.