Screw It. Today Sucks. A Year Ago, I Was Assaulted.
Ellie Guzman

nothing excuses sexual assault but, especially if at the end there was clear and sound “NO”, but don’t blame people for some desicions done by yourself.
“you encouraged me to drink away my heartbreak” — you decided to drink, grow up.

“but employed a flirty demeanor” — so you played with him, made him delusional

“because you literally could have murdered me if you wanted to” — the same phrase can be said about enyone. “My cat can murder me if it wants..My teacher of Spanish…”

“By flirting back, I would keep you at bay” — you just…impossible. the worst…Like giving more poison to already poisined person — will cure it.

“my unnaturally highpitched flirtatious baby voice that was secretly begging” — who knows here how pitched is your natural voice, and all this just shows that from the begining you were showing sings of consent.

“ how dare he put my safety at risk when I just escaped such a dangerous situation” — so drivers are now supposed to read minds and know what happens where?

“it all came down to me being an idiot for trusting him in the first place” — NO NO NO, not for trusting…but being an idiot. that’s a big difference.

“ I could stop blaming myself. I blame you.” — yeap he is idiot for assaulting you, and you are idiot too. World isn’t so simple thing.

“I cannot trust men.” — just as they can’t trust you.

“I’ve always been careful” — aaaand that’s only what you say.

As a finishing point — where is legal prosecution? So far you represent just ONE SIDE of conflict and it wouldn’t be fare if there wasn’t another.

You had corporal evidence, recording…as we know there are hundreds of legal files based on much less. How do we know you are not just victimizing yourself thinking that everyone would believe you just because it’s trendy know. No matter of race, gender, social status — all people can lie, maybe you just one of them. and personally i have seen no evidence of you telling the truth.

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