Business cards are dead

Hi everyone, I am a headhunter with more than 7 years of experience, I have conducted several thousands of interviews so you can imagine that meeting new people and receiving business cards is a big part of my daily routine. I still remember a time when exchanging your business cards were a must for any meeting. It was a natural & easy way to store and organize your contacts. I even used to have a fancy card holder for the most valuable CEO’s and shareholders I’ve met. But with the spread of social networks & messengers a business card with a phone number, email & a social network link is not a comfortable way to stay connected anymore. Imagine yourself attending an event and getting 50 valuable contacts. The old way required to write 50 follow up emails in order to keep the connection. I used to do that and usually it took me about an hour. Luckily I do not have to do that anymore. During the conversation with a interesting person I simply ask for any social network or messenger he or she uses daily. I add the contact straight from the spot and now we can continue our conversation any time, no matter how far we are.

Messages do not require you to be official or think a lot about the proper introduction like emails do. You just type: “Hi there, awesome to be connected!” And you can write that person any time. And if the topic is really interesting, you will get an answer. So next time you want to stay in touch with someone just ask him or her to type in the contact or social media profile in your phone. And please forget your fancy business card at home, the trees will benefit from it.

Best regards,

Alex Marchenko