Violent Entertainment

I wonder if people that don’t flinch at violent sanguinary movies ever called themselves empathetic.

Disturbing horror and extreme violence is a known genre to those even under 17 years, thanks to torrent. It seems as if it’s hardly possible for anyone to keep from watching movies and also TV shows, but entertainment doesn’t obviously come with only what we want to see, thus we have those amazing tv shows and movies that demonstrates barbaric and sometimes demeaning activities. Well most of the times it is necessary to portray the psychology of the characters and to paint vivid pictures of the events, which is indeed a valid excuse.

But if you are a viewer of Game of Thrones or Hannibal like TV shows, you are different than your friend who doesn’t watch those. You will realise that fact when you two go for a violent horror movie or you just know it cause he doesn’t like to watch Game of Thrones.

Sometimes you don’t really know what you are going to see for the movie ticket you bought. Crimson Peak is a version of a fantasy movie for those horror-loving fans. The posters are completely deceiving, a pretty girl with blonde tresses and a candle in her hands, but what you see in the movie is an evil female villain that bashes the skull of an old man against the sink more than five times, his face goes beyond recognition. She also stabs her brother in the face. She has learnt a wrong way of expressing her emotions. But my point is, some wouldn’t even blink an eye at those scenes, but for my friend, he didn’t have the stomach for it so he started to talk about how his mother wouldn’t wanna watch this movie cause of the kind of violence. He didn’t like watching Game of Thrones either. If I had to judge him I dunno what I would call him.. A soft-hearted sensitive person maybe.. cause he can’t stand to see people suffering due to violence even in on-screen fiction.

I did my research and found that there are a ton of people out there that can’t even make themselves see minimum violence without getting overwhelmingly upset and probably leading to losing faith in humanity. Least of it, they can’t stand the thought of victim’s dreams and hopes being crushed and buried. They can literally feel the physical pain of the characters, almost like a mirror touch. Though they are completely aware of the fact that it is just the actors and it’s a movie and it is fiction, their brains somehow doesn’t let them keep aware of it and stay in the reality. Well sometimes it’s hard to fool a brain and hard to stay in touch with the reality. This is not a big problem, unless you can’t close your eyes for the ugly parts in the movie to be over but this also extends to reading about crimes or just some book that might have any sort of discomforting scenes, take Fifty Shades of Grey.

So it is not freaky if violence disturbs you but what about those people who don’t even slightly flinch at “extreme” violence. Of course they aren’t bad people, in fact we see children being able to stomach some significant degree of violence. Only as long as they can empathise for the real-time sufferings of the people.

Shows like Hannibal, especially for a vegetarian would be unbearable regardless of the intense psychology that the show interests. Even for an average human, the show is a lot to take, no doubt why it’s being cancelled for a while. Though few of us hate the fact that the movies feel the need to incorporate violence in a vivid picture as it is in Hannibal or even depict mercilessness as it is in Game of thrones without considering if it is relevant or irrelevant. The movies and the shows promotes those unbelievable thoughts to the viewers so it can make a lasting impression on the them, so you are thinking about those scenes till the next day. Knowing how TV impacts developing personalities and also altering personalities, I only hope that people who wishes to watch violent entertainment make good judgements.

Well as for me, I belong to that number who can sit like a statue and watch any kind of violence on-screen but can’t stand to even imagine a living thing being in any form of pain for real.

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