Hello, if you’re reading this, it is because you care enough to listen to what I have to rant about at this moment. I do not necessarily think it is a rant, more like a burst of thoughts that just overtook my every sense of well being. The title says it all though, Im here to tell you that sitting around, as I have in the past, mentioning the words, “Im Gonna” have pretty much stopped me from actually doing, it. Now, why is that? Well it is a way for you to comfortably tell yourself, “Ill get to it…eventually”. I think that is the problem, you become self aware of something like this when you see certain peers fly right by you. So should you care about what others are doing?

Yes and no! Short and simple. You should always try to do your best and see how far you can make it! Look at your peers around you, are they succeeding? Are you working hard enough for them to take you seriously so you can grow with them as well? If you are putting in the work, there is no reason why a fellow woman or man should not try to work with one another. NO WOMAN OR MAN HAS EVER BUILT AN EMPIRE ON THEIR OWN! In order to see how far you will make it, you have to JUST DO!

Most of the time, when we think up of an idea, it goes to the way side and it dies a short, easy death. Now, what if you took that idea and ran with it. That is the beauty of this article, the fact that finally once again, I’ve had that come to Jesus moment 🙏🏼. I am a full time student, a film major, and working my ass off to get where I want to go. You can say I am DOING, and accelerating rather quickly. (Start Broadcast)

Other times, I come short on my own ideas. I look at them, and stop short of what should be done to complete them. At the age of 34, soon 35, these thoughts become more prominent. Then, a video that I’ve never watched before comes into play. The man in the video is everyones idol in some way shape or form. I do not look at this person as an idol, more as a person who DID what they set out to do, and because he stuck to it became successful at it. So tell yourself this, if you see the writing on the wall, why are we not as successful as he is? Am I safe to assume it is all a mind set?

This leads me to a very important word…Change, and it begins with you. The change does not happen unless you push, fight, beg, crawl, and shape your own future so that the change can become a reality.

A lot of people want change, they complain about a job, a life they hate, but there is always a way to change the world around you. It just takes hard work and there are people who are just allergic to the word, WORK. Work for your change! I like to share my feelings, perhaps empower another person to feel what I feel right now so that YOU can get up and JUST DO THE WORK FOR THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE! I am literally being, MY OWN MOTIVATION.

Try new things, FUCK “YOU’RE GONNA”, JUST DO! DO SHIT, LEARN, PUT IN THE WORK. Sitting around saying “you’re gonna” is a waste of time. Be a student, be an entrepreneur, put in the work, don’t worry about anyone around you, don’t worry about your subscription numbers, likes, hearts, SnapChat numbers, etc.

Don’t worry about the cameras you use, the gear you don’t have, just do and constantly move with what you have, stop reading books about motivation, be your own motivation.

Some how this will all makes sense, be the change you want to see….🙌