So, here is a concept I came up with in 2010 along with my late brother, Jojo. How about we take the talented DJ’s that people were loving and enjoying along with their music, and stick them in a studio with cameras and hit the live button on what was known as Justin.TV? Were we crazy? Were we forward thinkers? No!

Look I'm sure others were doing the same thing, and I can say this now that there was another i-radio station named A-List Radio that was on the internet airwaves doing it up! We happen to come along, and in a time when your rating meant everything, we came in and dominated.

We had talented, amazing, DJ’s from across the country, at one point we were transmitting them from across the world. What a great time to be alive and have that type of power at your fingertips. It didn't end there, we created an app where people can tune in, chat, interact, make friends, and share things with each other.

Not to bore you, but I was podcasting before podcasting was a thing. Years after we created ClubZone.FM I continued to create shows and put them up for later listening pleasure. From interviews with celebrities, NFL players, tech startups, other musical talents, even WWE wrestlers. It was a thing of beauty.

Ill get into its demise later on, perhaps on another story, or even maybe a podcast! Well, that's why I'm here, years after I thought I was done with the whole podcasting world (can't forget about vlogging and creating videos on YouTube for a while) I have decided to put some time into creating content for your ears once again.

This time I'm doing away with the kick-ass EDM / House music and I'm going to be more subtle. I'm thinking of bringing some personal stories with a mix of chatter with friends. Id like you to be a fly on the wall. Not everyone in the podcasting industry needs to be a celebrity! There are so many great creators out there killing it on their own platform. I prefer it that way.

So with that, I conclude this jumble of words and bring to you 😁 In Case i Missed It. More will come as I plan on dropping the first introduction episode in a couple of days. The best way to stay in touch with me would be my Instagram ← linked. I will post all new episode notifications on there and perhaps Twitter.

In Case i Missed it Podcast

I think this will be a good way for me to keep on putting my creative vibes out into the world, and see what bounces back! I’d love to collab with people just as I do with my films. Its a love of mine, creating and being a creator that is, so here's to us, and the future. I hope we crash into each other on the podcast world and if you have one or want to share ideas, feel free to contact me 🧡