Smart Steps To Sell Your Home

Alexis Chard, an award winning realtor is fulfilling the dream of home-ownership of many people in the State of Arizona. By using her skills and expertise, she has already helped many clients in buying the best properties that were matched according to their requirements. Not only buying, she also helps clients in selling their homes and shares some smart tricks to do it in a better way. There are several steps that you need to take in order to prepare your property for showing.

Lots and Lots of Paperwork

One of the very first items you’re going to want to check off is getting all appropriate paperwork in order. The list is a bit extensive and is by no means an ‘across the board’ kind of deal. Precisely what you need often varies by state. The best way to find out exactly what you need is to check with a local real estate agent.

Dig Out Your Title Insurance Policy

Alexis Chard suggests being prepared to provide proof of your title insurance. Most mortgage companies require that you present this before loan approval can be made, so it is advantageous to have it within arm’s reach before you actually nail down a buyer. The process will also have to be done again with your current sell, but it’s very handy to have your prior paperwork nearby.
Surveys Are Sometimes Required

Some states require by law that if a home buyer is using a mortgage loan to purchase a property that mortgage surveys be done. This guarantees that the property is as is should be without any encroachments. Many states also require that the boundary of the land be surveyed. Again, every place is different. Make sure you check with a professional to find out exactly what your specific laws require.

A Pre-Inspection Report is Recommended

Technically, it isn’t normally a requirement for you to have a pre-inspection performed. Regardless of whether you’re forced to or not, it’s a good idea. You see, most of the time certain inspections are going to have to be done before a mortgage lender will indeed offer the money for your buyer’s to purchase your property.

Alexis Chard has an extensive knowledge of all of the Greater Phoenix area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Awatukee. One of her recent accomplishments is being honored with a “Certificate of Achievement for Over 1 Million in Sales 2014”.

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