Hotwife 101

July 27, 2016

My name is Alexis McCall. I am a forty three year old wife and mother. I am also a Hotwife. That is to say I date other men for sex with both the support and encouragement of my husband.

Michael and I entered into the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle three years ago. He has no active role in my dating process. I am free to meet men any way that makes sense to me.

I have learned through my experience with extramarital dating that what works best for me is to meet men in upscale hotel lobby bars and lounges and let nature take its course. The subject of me being a Hotwife almost never comes up.

Why is that? Probably because when a married woman is out socializing by herself in a hotel bar, wearing wedding rings, that is usually all the incentive most men need to approach her. They don’t care why she is there. They only care that she is there and approachable.

On occasion a man will notice the ankle bracelet I wear on my right ankle and may mention it. When someone does ask me about it, my standard reply is “It lets men know they have my husband’s permission to talk to me.”

Afterward I share all of the details with my husband through what I refer to as my debriefing. Sometimes his debriefing lasts longer than the time I spent in the man’s hotel room.

So why am I sharing this with you? I am also a blogger about the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle. The reason I became a blogger is because when Michael and I began this journey we were looking for real and truthful information about the practical aspects of day to day life as a woman whose marriage is open on her end only and whose husband openly encourages her to have sex with other men for the benefit of their marriage.

We didn’t know anything about it. Michael began doing online research and found Tumblr. We also discovered all of the so called Lifestyle forums. They turned out to be as useless as Tumblr.

I complained loudly to Michael that there was no one to ask questions and get reliable information. When you ask a question on one of the Hotwife Forums if you get twenty responses you are likely to get twenty different answers. They can’t all be right.

To shut me up about it Michael suggested when we got more experience that maybe I should become that reference. The rest, as they say, is history.

One of the most valuable aspects of learning how to be a day to day soccer mom Hotwife with family responsibilities by day, while trying to keep the kids from finding out that mom is out meeting men for sex some nights, is learning from the mistakes we made.

Trust me, we made a lot of mistakes! I practiced my blogging skills by keeping a detailed Journal of how NOT to do it. When I finally decided to begin blogging we picked Tumblr as the lesser of all the evils out there.

Unfortunately that site consists of about 99% porn and fantasy in the Hotwife section which portrays this Lifestyle in an unrealistic over the top way. To say that I was swimming upstream in the beginning trying to get my message out is somewhat of an understatement.

At that same time as I started blogging about this wonderful Marriage Enriching Hotwife Lifestyle, Yahoo bought Tumblr. My forward thinking tech savvy husband began hearing rumors that Yahoo was going to take down all the porn on Tumblr.

Personally I didn’t have a problem with that since my stuff is all original material with NO porn and NO fantasy, except that Michael wasn’t so sure I wouldn’t get painted with a broader brush.

We solved that issue by starting my own website, The idea was that I would continue blogging on Tumblr, but if the changes came, and one day my blog was gone, I would still have all my content because I post everything in both places.

My website has more content than the blog because I learned that people that find my blog from a porn site, usually have a short attention span, and Posts over 400 words usually never get read unless someone is specifically searching.

So here we are in mid July of 2016, and it was announced that Verizon is buying Yahoo, which has just taken a several hundred million dollar write down, whatever that means, on Tumblr.

So why is that? I’m not sure, but everything seems to point to the fact that is has become less relevant as a blogging site. No argument from me about that!

On the other hand I have had much better success there than I ever thought I would. There is no porn and no fantasy on my blog and I still gain about 35 new followers a week. I also typically get 50+ emails a week from men and women I am coaching in the Hotwife Lifestyle, or who have questions. I now have over 1,000 followers, so while Tumblr is becoming less relevant, my blog about the Hotwife Lifestyle has become more relevant.

I agree with my husband that since my goal is to help people find out real and truthful information on this Lifestyle, I need to find a more relevant website on which to post my information and lifestyle advice. So here I am on

If you need information on the lifestyle, or need help getting the gold nuggets out of the river sand, day to day advice about being a soccer mom Hotwife and merging the two lifestyles, I’m here to help. I can also help you explain this Lifestyle in a way that will make sense to your POSSLQ.

I’m doing this as my way of paying it forward because when we needed the truth without all the porn and fantasy there was no one like me doing what I do.

You may contact me privately either though my website, which has no advertisers because I’m not selling anything, or contact me directly at

Some of my Posts here will also be on Tumblr for now, and everything I post in either place will be on my website which in addition to the standard blog format, also has the blog Posts in reverse order so you can start from the beginning at the top instead of the bottom if you so desire.

There is also a ton of reference material on the website.

Here is an interesting factoid for you. There is absolutely no link between Hotwives and Cuckolds. Why is that worth mentioning? Because if you get all your information about the Hotwife Lifestyle from porn and fantasy sites you wouldn’t know there is no link!