Hotwife Mythbusting

August 5, 2016

I could probably write a whole series of articles on this subject. Now that I think about it, maybe I will since I have a somewhat larger voice now. The thing is, I don’t want to become single minded by seeming like I am being defensive about this relationship enriching alternative marriage lifestyle.

I have so much to say that is positive about this Lifestyle that I shouldn’t have to defend it from the Pornologists and the Fantasizologists. Yes, I am pretty sure I made up both of those terms but I bet most of you know exactly what I’m talking about depending on where you have been getting your information about the Hotwife Lifestyle.

I have no axe to grind with anyone and they have as much right to publish their captions expressing their fantasies as I have in trying to explain to real couples the truth about the Lifestyle.

So anyway, one of the terms that real people write to me about because they don’t understand it, which seriously pisses me off because I shouldn’t have to waste my very valuable time addressing a mythical subject such as this one in the first place! I’m talking about “Reclaiming”.

I would actually be thrilled if no one had a clue what I am talking about except that I get enough email to know that is not the case. So here is the Myth.

When a Hotwife goes out and has sex with her date in order to fulfill her husband’s fantasy of sharing her body with other men, when she returns home from her date “post coital”, her husband performs a ritual which varies with the myth.

The myth varies depending on the imagination of the caption writer described above as one of those “ist” people. When it is portrayed in the most favorable light, the husband of the Hotwife “reclaims” her by having incredible sex with her which makes her forget all about her date.

Unfortunately many times it is not portrayed favorably and a husband reclaims his Hotwife by . . . umm, providing oral “room service” on the affected area of penetration.

Now then, I am specifically NOT saying this practice does not exist, and furthermore I am also NOT saying that certain couples don’t derive a lot of pleasure out of THAT as well as many other non-mainstream sexually oriented activities regarding this non-traditional alternative marriage lifestyle.

Before you write me a nasty email pointing out that a non-traditional alternative marriage lifestyle can’t have mainstream anything, since it is non-traditional, and therefore non-mainstream anyway, I already know that, so peace out!

I’m just trying to make a point that most soccer mom Hotwives use other more traditional methods of getting sperm out of their body which was not generated by her husband, after a sex date. They don’t enlist the aid of their husband to do it for them.

That is what makes this practice a myth in my eyes. It is not the norm. So if that is not the normal dating practice for a soccer mom Hotwife, what is the norm? I knew I was going to have to address that.

So here we go. This is a fictional Hotwife situation that is based on reality and not fantasy, but on the other hand, fiction is still fiction. The intent here is to try and portray Hotwife dating in a realistic light.

Let’s call our fictional daters Luke and Laura. Laura is a Hotwife married to Mark. Mark is a stockbroker working 9 to 5. Laura is a part time administrative assistant to the Sales manager of Fly By Night Insurance Agency.

It’s a sunny Thursday morning in the city of Dog Bone, OH. Laura is sitting at the front desk doing some administrative assisting when a young dark haired Adonis comes through the front door. Laura brightens her already sunny disposition and they smile at each other.

“May I help you?” Laura asks pleasantly hoping he didn’t notice her reaction to him because her breath momentarily caught in her throat.

I’m Luke Mayhem. I have an appointment with Mr. Limburger.” Luke says out loud but to himself he says “Wow! Would I like to fuck that!”

“Mr. Limburger is on the phone, Mr. Mayhem. I’ll let him know you are here. Please sit down. Can I get you some coffee?”

“No thank you and please call me Luke. Mr. Mayhem is my father.” Luke says.

“All right Luke. I’ll be right back.” Laura says, and off she goes to let her boss know that there is an Adonis out front waiting for him. She returns to the desk.

“So are you Mrs. Doolittle?” Luke asks because he was scouting her. The name on the desk plate says Daisy Doolittle, and he notices her wedding rings. He had not noticed her ankle bracelet because he was looking at her ass and mentally undressing her when she walked away. Laura laughs.

“I’m Laura. This is Daisy’s desk. She’s the receptionist. She’s not here today. I’m filling in. My office is in back.” She says.

“It’s nice to meet you Laura. This is my lucky day then, otherwise I might not have met you.” Luke says seriously, giving her a 150 watt smile which she returns.

“Thank you.” Laura says accepting the compliment graciously. “Are you from Dog Bone, Luke?” She asks.

“No, I’m from Chicago. I’m in town for a week because my company is taking over one of the mills here in Dog Bone, and I need to arrange for some of the services like Insurance and Utilities and some other boring stuff. Can I ask you a question about Dog Bone Laura?”

“Sure.” Laura says.

“I’m staying at the Holiday Inn and the lounge there is dead. Is there a happy hour bar where the locals go?” He asks and then adds, “Where you go, after work?”

“Me?” She asks for clarification.

“Yes, you.” Luke says, making it clear that he is interested in where she goes.

“There are a few of them actually.” She says as Mr. Limburger appears, introducing himself, and leads Mark Mayhem back to his office and closing the door. Laura got on the phone and called her husband Mark. She didn’t waste any time telling him what she wanted.

“I met someone and I am pretty sure he is going to ask me to meet him for a drink after work. I would really like to do it if he asks! Is it possible for you to pick up the kids after soccer practice?”

“Shit! I’m not sure babe. There may be a management meeting at Five. Can I let you know in a couple of hours?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” She says.

“How interested is he? Will you be home for dinner?”

“I’ll be home in time to let you take us out to dinner so I don’t have to cook. He says he is going to be in town for a few days. It’s not the end of the world if I have to wait until tomorrow.” Laura says.

“Perfect.” Mark says. “Are you old enough to be his mother?” Mark asks, gently teasing his wife who has a special weakness for younger men that show an interest in her.

“Shut up!” She says laughing. He knows her too well.

“So are you? I’m just curious.” Mark asks.

“Maybe, but I don’t really think so. He’s quite a bit younger though.” Laura admits.

“We don’t have any plans for tomorrow night sweetheart. It’ll be Friday night.” Mark said. He really wanted her to hook up with him.

An hour later the door to Mr. Limburger’s office opens and Luke shakes hands with Mr. Limburger and heads back to Laura’s desk.

“This is going to seem extremely forward Laura and I know you are married but I would like to get to know you. I am very attracted to you. Would it be possible to meet me for a drink after work? I’m not trying to get you in trouble with your husband.

“It might be possible. Can you call back here later? I have to see if I can get someone to pick up my kids from soccer.” Laura says. Luke frowns.

“Do you answer the phone here?” He asks.

“Not always.” She admits.

“Is there possibly a more private way to contact you?” He asks. She writes down the private email address she uses for monkey business. She hands it to him.

“My husband doesn’t know about this one.” She lies. The purpose of the lie is to let Luke know two things. She wants to get to know him and that being married will not be a deterrent from doing so. He smiles knowingly.

An hour later her husband calls and gives her the all clear to pick up the kids so she is free to meet Luke after work. Luke emails her an hour after that and she tells him she can meet him a drink but can’t stay too long.

Luke asks her for a suggestion where they can meet where it might be less crowded, less noisy, and more discreet.

They meet at the Lakeside Inn on the outskirts of town on the two lane in the direction of Akron. The bar is less than 25% full and Laura doesn’t know any one there. Luke and Laura are sitting at a low cocktail table next to each other.

Luke doesn’t make a big deal out of her being married because he doesn’t care one thing about that. He only cares that she is there with him and seems like she is interested, so the issue about her marital status is never mentioned until at 7:00 Laura said that she needed to get home because her husband would be there.

Mark pays the bar tab and walks her out to her car. He gives her a tentative test kiss and is met with no resistance. Things escalate quickly. They spend fifteen minutes trading spit somewhere between making out and having public foreplay before Laura finally pushes him away.

“I want to see you again Laura! Can you get out sometime this weekend and come over to the Holiday Inn?” He asks, putting it out there on the table making his intentions clear that he wants to have sex with her.

“Maybe. I’m not sure, but it would probably have to be tomorrow night if I can. I think my husband is going to a business thing.” She lies.

“What about your kids?”

“They are teenagers. They wouldn’t get caught dead doing social things with their parents. Email me mid afternoon.” Laura tells him. They spend five more minutes making out before she leaves, breathless and wanting more.

It’s after ten PM before Mark can debrief Laura about meeting Luke. She tells him everything that happened which makes him rock hard which he expresses to her in a very physical and emotional way afterwards during supercharged marital sex.

Fast forward to Friday night.

Laura agrees to meet him at the bar at the Holiday Inn for a drink after work. By now there is no pretense. They both know why she is there. There is no discussion about her marital status because it doesn’t matter to either one of them, but Luke is a gentleman and inquires about her birth control status.

“I want you to come to my room Laura.” He says two hours later.

“All right.” Laura says.”

“Are you safe, or do I need to get a condom? This isn’t something I planned in advance.”

“I won’t get pregnant, but thank you for asking.” She says.

Neither of them wants any foreplay and within three minutes of entering his room they are thrashing around all over his bed naked, with their bodies coupled together.

Later as they lie together with his body still connected to hers, Laura uncrosses her ankles from around his back and tries to get her breathing under control.

It’s still fairly early on Friday night but Luke doesn’t know what to say to Laura because this was not something that he planned. They are both thinking about other things. The sex was incredible because it was new,exciting, and different. It was emotionally fulfilling, but she doesn’t want more of it. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of the evening talking to him either.

“I need to go.” She says.

“I understand.” Luke says.

Laura gets home at 9:30. Her son is out on a date. Her daughter is in her room. Mark is watching a game. He follows her into the bedroom. He closes the door behind her.

How was it? He asks smiling at his wife.

“It was great. I came twice. I wasn’t sure I could but when he climaxed, it happened and I came the second time. I love that feeling when it happens like that!” Laura says.

“I can’t wait to hear all the details!” Her husband says.

“Pour me a glass of red wine while I take a shower to get all his cum out of my body then I will let you debrief me.” Laura says.

Authors note:

Although this is a work of fiction to describe how the Hotwife Lifestyle works from a realistic basis rather than from fantasy, I have borrowed liberally from my own experiences as a practicing Hotwife to keep it real.