The Plan B Hotwife

October 31, 2016

Dr. Lexi has been inundated lately with email from men who either believe they have FUBAR(ed) their marriage to the point that building intimacy would take the rest of their lives, or who simply don’t have the patience to go about converting their marriage from the supposedly monogamous marriage to the Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle the right way, and plead with me to deliver up an alternative plan, or work around.

The short answer to those men begging me for an alternate solution is maybe I can and maybe I can’t. Just so you know, neither one of my two Superpowers includes a silver bullet that you can shoot at your wife to get her to be willing to share herself with other men overnight.

Let me correct that statement. What I should have said is that your wife is probably already sharing herself with other men anyway because her marriage sucks and I don’t have a silver bullet that will make her share the details with you overnight.

I tried this a while back with my Bronze Bullet Plan, which is a pretty significant shortcut, and got some fairly positive reviews. The problem seems to be with men that have zero patience for any process.

Once they figure out that the fantasy of sharing their wife with other men is a hell of a lot more mainstream than they thought it was, they want instant results. Now I need to digress for just a minute, but I will give you some worthwhile information as well.

Normally I do not respond to “Anonymous says” messages on Tumblr unless it includes the option to let me respond privately. Think nutcase! Also think time waster. I also get a lot of advice anonymously. Some of it is hateful, and some of it is helpful, and some of it is from seriously lazy people.

So this is for “Anonymous said”, who suggested that I should have put a keyword search tab on my website so that he could look up certain blog posts by typing in a search phrase. He signed it Darryl B.

Darryl, I’m not getting paid to do this OK? I didn’t hire someone to build my website for me. My husband did it. It is not a professional glitzy website and I have no advertisers and I’m not collecting any data. I am paying it forward just like it says on my website.

That’s it! If you are too F****** lazy to read through the blogs to find the one you want, then you are not Dr. Lexi material anyway!

But . . . . If you want to read about the Bronze Bullet Plan on my website, the date to look for is December 20th, 2015. That is my PSA for today.

So now the question has become how do you get more instant results? My only guarantee is that you will get instant results. The problem is that you probably won’t like the result you get, but maybe you will.

Before I go any further, I specifically do not advise taking this path. On the other hand, I am pretty sure it will get the result you want in some cases so long as you only want results and do not care about her motives. This plan is purely results oriented. It is not geared to making your marriage better, stronger, or even make it last one more year, or one more day!

The first thing you need to understand is that you are going to have to have a conversation with your wife and tell her what you want. This is not going to happen during “pillow talk” where you express your fantasy desires. You are not going to be able to “hint” your way into this Alternative Marriage Lifestyle because even if your wife wants to take the hint, it’s not going to happen

Think about it this way, if she is smart enough to understand that you want her to take the hint, she is also smart enough not to take it, because it could be a trap!

So that is going to require you to sit her down outside of the bedroom with your clothes on and talk to her. Lucky for you this is where hinting is probably going to be fruitful, but only if she is smarter than you are which is most likely the case anyway.

I always tell men that they have to show their wife a completely painted picture about this Alternative Marriage Lifestyle and this way is no different. You are going to have to give her enough information that leaves no doubt in her mind where this is headed.

You could start with something like, “I have this fantasy where I share you with other men, and I have had it for a long time but was too chicken shit to share it with you because I didn’t realize how mainstream this fantasy really is and that deep down it’s a very common fantasy but I was afraid that if I told you about it you would think I am a sick fuck because I am not a good communicator.”

See? I don’t even have to know you to be able to give you truthful information you can share with your wife. The reason you should share this with your wife is because she already knows this! She knows this to be true especially if you have been doing some pillow talk hinting.

So what does that get you? It gets you instant credibility for telling her something she already knows is true anyway. So now that you have given her this revelation you have to keep going because at least now she is curious because this is so unlike you to actually communicate with her.

The next few words out of your mouth are going to be make or break, in this Plan B Hotwife strategy, so don’t screw it up! If you can’t remember this sentence, write it down and put it in your pocket. This is what I want you to say:

“I will never ask you to do anything that is outside of your comfort zone!” That will keep her attention and it will keep her curious.

Next, you need to start small since you have just told her you won’t ask her to do anything outside her comfort zone. Tell her it turns you on to watch men flirt with her. Tell her you would like to do that in a place where men don’t know she is your wife and don’t know you are watching.

Read the tab on my website “The Chili’s Game” for details about how and why this works to begin to expand the comfort zone of your wife so long as you don’t screw it up be asking for too much, too fast.

As she gains experience with this game and sees that you really do like her to do it, then you can slowly expand her comfort zone by slowly expanding the game.

Best of luck!