Cultivating the Military Spouse Mindset
Megan Hall

Loved this post Megan! I especially enjoyed the bit about not being able to pour from an empty cup. So true. I think when the term “self-care” comes into the conversation, people sometimes get a little defensive because they feel like they have to dedicate hours in the gym or eat a vegan diet. But self-care is so much fuller than that! It can be watching your favorite TV show, knitting, going for a walk, taking a bath, reading…anything that helps fill your cup. So I loved that you pointed that out.

I also loved your point about authenticity. Being authentic is really the only way to live, and that means being you (whatever that may look like!). With the military spouse moniker always looming, it’s easy to feel like we have to meet expectations of what we should be/look/act like. But as this #IamMILLIE series is trying to show, being a military spouse can mean anything!

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