Those Third Party Candidates

“They’ll never win,” I have seen so many people say.

People will say they are going to vote for Hillary because they don’t want Trump to win. I ask them if they know about the third party candidates, a lot have but say the same thing as above.

Are they right? Well, it sure seems like it.

Still I feel pulled in two directions. Do I try to keep Trump from winning, or vote for the candidate I truly think the best?

I am terrified of Trump being president. He is anti-so many things that are me. Anti-queer. Anti-trans. Anti-disabled. Anti-poor.

To vote for somebody on principle (the person I think is best) seems kind of selfish when Trump could be president and could be harmful to people like me, and people not like me marginalized in ways I am not.

I’m sort of an idealist and want the world to be the way where a person like Trump couldn’t be president and people can vote for who they think is best and third party candidates would be just as much in the news and a part of all debates. I want my vote to mean what I really feel and think.

I don’t want to reduce my vote down to “I should just vote for Hillary” or “I should just vote for who I want.” I feel like these complicated feelings are probably part of the answer, this feeling in between could lead to a deeper truth.

Maybe it’s just that this democracy is a lie. I don’t know, but it is.

Maybe I think when we start thinking strategy, which can be important, we can forget important things about how actual power works. The government’s power, the candidates, and ours.