Marvel’s Iron Fist’s Unabashed Display of Privilege
Brandon Daniel

“hetero, white” are those his weaknesses?

“Danny cannot seem to escape his privilege” He lost his parents, then lived with monks who beat him regularly, his only distraction was sneaking into the cellar and having some wine with a friend. Then he, with great difficulty, came home where no one would acknowledge his existence and where his childhood friends committed him to a psychiatric facility. If that’s privilege in your opinion, then I don’t know what to say about you because it seems that the greatest challenge you have ever faced was which pet to choose — a cat or a dog.

“IMMEDIATELY OWNS 51% OF THE COMPANY AND BECOMES A BILLIONAIRE. Not bad for someone who has been proclaimed dead for 15 years. Seriously, think about this.” Seriously, what’s your point? That if you, as a man of whatever-the-fuck origin, were in the same situation, Hogarth wouldn’t have helped you out of her own interest? Are you jealous of a fictional character’s financial situation?

“he is able to regain what is rightfully his, thanks to some good old class privilege” Actually, no, he is able to regain all that because his parents owned 51% of the shares which makes him their rightful owner.

“Danny’s actions were to represent him as a good and moral person, but Danny never realizes or understands the stakes of his choices. As Ward and Joy (primarily Joy) go through a battle to fight for their livelihoods and the company, Danny is off being Iron Fist, without a care in the world.” So, now, all of a sudden, you are on the side of rich kids who wanted to leave people who got sick due to their fault without a dime? Do you even understand what risk Danny took when he told the board members to sell their patented drug at cost?

“Even the explanation in the show about the bird and being free does not suffice.” Is that IN YOUR OPINION?

“Privilege is having the ability to choose.” Once again, what’s your point? That he shouldn’t try and take back control of his legacy just because some monks in the fictional K’un-Lun didn’t possess he same amount of wealth as many Westerners do? That’s absurd. Well, unless you follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ (*sarcasm*) and give all your wordly possessions away. Something tells me, you don’t do that.

“Well, according to Danny, he “earned it.” Well, that’s not according to Danny. No matter how surprising this choice was, everyone, even Davos, agreed that Danny earned it.

“This begs the question, was Danny chosen simply because he is white?” Sure, because a fictional dragon in a fictional cave in a fictional city is fucking racist. Do you even hear what you are saying?

“Given the objective of destroying The Hand, one could argue that Danny was chosen because, as questioned above, he was the only one who could go to New York and fight The Hand.” So, was he a privileged fuck up when he left K’un-Lun or was it his destiny to return home and fight The Hand there from the very beginning? Maybe you should stick to one side of the story?..

P.S. I don’t know what’s your problem — whether you are jealous of Iron Fist, or plainly racist towards white people, or just one of those seemingly “woke” guys who, in reality, are just stupid and have nothing better to do than to be outraged in each and every situation. What I do know is that your biased opinion is of no interest to the show’s creators or smart people who can watch the show and realize what a shitty and untruthful article you posted.

P.P.S. Maybe you should get some? I hear it often helps in your situation.

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