You are an American and you see what your media show you.
Sulaiman Khan

“ I can confidently tell that the Russian did not made destruction in Iraq, Libya or Vietnam or any where.”

But they did participate in murdering countless thousands of people in Syria, they invaded Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, they still occupy a lot of territory, and they still kill people near my hometown. So when you say that Putin is better than Americans just because (I presume) Americans killed some of your people, you’re lying to yourself. By the way, sooner or later, the American people take responsibility for what they do; Russians never do that. Despite the fact that WWII was started by both Germany AND the USSR, the Russians still claim that they are somehow “heroes” who should be respected. I hope you never get a chance to be as disappointed in Russians as all their neighbors are because then you will learn what a true “beast” is.

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