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I presume, by “more and more things” you mean the right to marry, have children with your partner and visit them in the hospital. How dare those fucking gays want more?

The story with the cake is ridiculous. People came to the person who makes and sells cakes and were refused the service. On what grounds? Just because some invisible creature no one knows even exists said in the Bible (btw no, there’s no such thing in the Bible) that you can’t serve cake to the gays WHO PAY YOU FOR THAT?

And when you talk about “Christophobic attacks”, whatever the fuck that means, you seem to be forgetting that the U.S. was founded by people who were persecuted in Europe and wanted to avoid said persecution. I honestly cannot imagine any other country where Christians (or to be more precise, the Christian lobby) has that many rights and privileges but the idea that someone would want not to be beaten or murdered simply because they were born gay is somehow offending you.

Get over yourself, after all, you CHOSE to be Christian, gay people didn’t choose their orientation. Although, why would you believe that? It’s so much easier to believe in a god who somehow hates everything that you do. I wonder if Jesus even mention homosexuals? No, he didn’t.

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