Fuck function. Lets make design pretty again.
Eden Vidal

The hard and important thing in Design is making it beautiful maintaining good usability. It’s somewhat like cars, buildings and pretty much everything in our lives: we don’t get to see cars that are not usable, because beautiful cars that are not usable are just drawings. Same goes for buildings: we do not see any buildings that are beautiful but can’t be used.

Design is not like Art in a sense. Design implies that you understand things, how things work together, to match it all into one excellent design.

Like many already commented: Design that is not usable is just Art, expressions of your imagination, feelings, perceptions, etc.

That is not the reason the Internet was made for. The Internet is mainly a communication intermedium, used essentially to share information.

And failing to do so (by making unusable things) only makes you swim against the fundamental reasonings of it, which is totally fine, but you can’t expect it to be a good design.

Good Design is not Good Art, the same way Good Art is not Good Design.

If you can’t use whatever you created, it doesn’t belong where people need to use it or will even try to; it belongs to museums and art galleries, for example.

Design is just a balance between aesthetics and usability.

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