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Lmfao!!! No. I love defending anyone from unwarranted derision but your way about this is aaaaallllllllll wrong and logically-flawed. If so-called white people food is bland it’s not because it’s the food of poor Americans. Slaves literally had less than zero dollars because they didn’t even own themselves but they still made good food and afro-Peruvian food is bomb, afro-Colombian food is bomb, jamaican Jamaican food off the hook and African American food good. No. No. What happened in jamaican cuisine which I know about since it’s where I’m from is called: sharing. Curry from Indians for curry goat, jerk techniques from the indigenous Taino for dope jerk chicken, cheese patties from the Chinese. But look at Italian food, largely based on tomato stuff, it only took off after Colombus and his boys brought back tomatoes from the New world. I think America’s "white people food" just comes down to what causes every group to stagnate: segregation. You’re in a bubble of a town and you dont have much variety to learn from somebody else and mix it up and there you go. The result? Some bland boring shit. It’s not coincidental that cosmopolitan environments are attractive and thriving centres. Humans need variety. And mayonnaise and potatoes is not that. White people food, in all its failures, is a self-inflicted travesty.