The Great Escape — The Dark Side of Thailand

Thailand can be a very fucked up place, despite the fact that we want you believe that we are nice, religious and always smiling — there’s a dirty side to our country that we don’t show you

Thai movies have often ignored the reality of the country and chose instead to show teenage drama and rich people’s petty problems. With bad actors who’s real worth lies in their look not skills.

Rarely do you get to see this side of the story in a film. Life is unequal in this country, the poor can’t see hope when they look up and the rich is too far up to see anything but the sky and the beautiful clouds.

The Escape in this short film is an escape everyone in this country is looking for, the have-nots live in a different Thailand than the rich do. The middle class and poor people don’t see a brighter future or a more tolerant society. We see oblivion. There is no rebuilding yourself in Thailand, and opportunities to do “Change” seldom presents itself. So instead of searching for an answer, a lot of us look for an escape.

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