Enduring the (un)comfortable undermining of otherness

Staying afloat with perspective

I told myself, do not seek to convince those who are not you, to understand you (especially those who “see” you as ‘other’). They need not be genuine in their inquisition, but they need be comfortable. Enough so that they feel compelled to question any of your actions, or at your confession of an action; even if the reputation speaks for itself. Especially then.

And why? To what extent?

To the extent that you may please their ears with language that they are familiar with, so that they may rest their interrogation and be convinced at your wisdom.

And all of this is a part of human exchange, the offering of information, the validation, the recognition, the novelty of new beta.

All of this makes for ‘exciting’ banter with the ‘exotic’.

More intriguing than common parlance over the weather, or small gossip.

The curiosity endures because I know my flame is bright; attracting moths and wayward minds.

And the point is not to lose myself in the hour of unwarranted scrutiny aroused by the proximity of another human, but to be open to the lesson I am being required to learn.