Drugs, drugs and more drugs

Cocaine, heroine, amphetamines, weed and more drugs…

So you are surrounded like me with a lot of people doing drugs. That can cause a major problem in your life. They will do anything for drugs… anything… they will lie and cheat steal and hurt sometimes even kill people for it.

Not just to get paid… no majority of them just want to get high. That’s it they will lie to their parents, cops or life long friends just to get their fix. I don’t do drugs. I did however smoked some weed every now and again… not as much as your average smoker in Amsterdam. But weed is only psychologically addictive. Still for many a drug hard to quit.

It’s actually harder to quit smoking cigarettes than it is to quit weed.

So a lot of people lied their asses of it even got me committed into a clinic for the mentally insane. They lie… I get committed. So I will no longer hang with these people. Which is logical. And there are a lot of these lowlifes.

Even within the psychiatry… whatever you think of shrinks there is to much medication they can get their hands on that gives them that wonderful bliss feeling.

There are a lot of junkie patients here to… it’s never their fault for doing to much drugs… oh no they have a disease and are manic or psychotic. But it’s never their fault for using drugs… it can’t be the drugs.

They even openly admit to doing drugs and saying they won’t ever quit because it’s the disease and not the drugs. I wonder who they are kidding. Not me… I believe it’s the drugs they take… and when they fry their brains and all of a sudden hear voices… its too late…

You think than they’ll stop doing drugs well your wrong they keep on using drugs…