Mass hysteria

Ever witnessed a case of mass hysteria than you know this to be true. Whenever people feel that they are being put out of their opportunity to do something great or miss out on a great reward they easily cling to a method of reasoning in which they put themselves over the benefit of another.

I myself have been subjected to a number of times this happened not because I was unfair or treated others less. But because they believed that they were entitled to something more than that they were. So they started making things up and subjected me to mental torture in the sense they belief they were helping me?

But nothing is farther from the truth they were only in it for themselves and knew nothing about me now I am here in a clinic for the mentally insane waiting until the shit clears up…well not really I am fighting to survive the insane bullshit they are trying to make real in their own personal mass hysteria because nothing of how they portrait me is real.

I am now stuck with these imbeciles… and it’s utterly frustrating trying to claim what’s rightfully mine.

I will never believe in the bullshit they have done to me.