Mutilated dog

Are you the type to kick a dog or mutilate it and than expect it to see you as the boss and expect it to lick your face and lie on the foot end of your bed.

Well I am that mutilated dog and there are people actually expect me to be all friendly… that’s a bit strange isn’t it. I believe there is something wrong with those people.

Making me look like a psychiatric diseased person and expect me to live a life of happy go lucky… like nothing had happened… what and start a family… there you go stupid fucker you didn’t think I would start a real relation with somebody that would be able to send me back into a clinic if she ever felt like it…

No no more happy family time for me… I will stay single without drugs drinks or gambling… just making money to have my own place as far away as possible from all of you.

Peace! Log entry done… signing off