So you think all people that are in a psychiatric clinic are really of the rockers. Well let’s see if you feel that way when you read the rest of my story.

I myself have plenty of experience within the psychiatric system. Here are some things I have witnessed. First of all there is the Milgram experiment that is in full effect. The people who work there are in a system that makes sure they do what there peers say they need to do.

Second thing is the line experiment they don’t judge anymore what they see but what the others say is happening just like the line experiment they no longer perceive which line is the same length. They say the exact same thing what others are saying. This way corruption is also proven to be real.

Third is the power they behold over other people. You might have heard about the power hierarchy struggle experiment of the students in a mock scenario of a jail. Wherein the fake situation was abused as if it was real. The guards were abusive against their fellow students and they perceived no longer what was fair but they judged people according to their role within the prison and started to abuse their power.

All and all the Dutch psychiatric system has many flaws and they abuse their power and if they don’t they are being pulled in by their peers or colleagues.


Line experiment:

Prison experiment:

So now you know that random normal people are being put into a situation where they never can get out of due to the failing of the psychiatric system.