Suicide is never the answer

The picture is from a anime where ghostlike powers come as soon as you pull the trigger of a gun that doesn’t shoot actual bullets. That a nice idea huh… well I’ll pick up where that idea stopped.

Because I have found myself in a deep and dark hole made possible by some serious stupid assholes I lost my girlfriend house and job thanks to some serious ingrates. So I thought about suicide sometimes because it would be the easy way out.

Now… now I just picture people who try and fuck with me to actually hurt themselves in such fashion… why… well to protect myself from their wrongdoing… and I try and destroy their memories they left behind in my head.

I don’t care what other people might think of that… its saving me… I destroy their image that’s burned into me. I destroy them and the people they hang with… people who’s show up trying to be my friends can go fuck themselves.

That’s a lot of people… a lot… which to this day are surrounding me in the city I life… the country I inhabit… I now only find pleasure in solitude and money that makes that happen…

I am living a unhappy life seeing I still don’t have the money to life otherwise… so here is to making shitloads of money and all people can do is go fuck themselves.