How does #Morocco invent and fabricate stories about #Tindouf #Westernsahara? By @TindoufWatch
We have been following some agents of Morocco propaganda machine established in Europe since February 2013 and we found the following:
The start of the invented story over Humanitarian aids to Tindouf began with this question sent the European Parliament:
Subject: Humanitarian aid intended for refugee camps in Tindouf
Every year since 1993 the Commission has allocated, through ECHO, a sum of EUR 10 million for Sahrawi refuges in the Tindouf camps, which are administered by the Polisario Front.

Is the Commission taking all the necessary measures to ensure that this humanitarian aid actually reaches its intended recipients? If so, what are these measures, in view of the fact that several OLAF investigations have uncovered fraud in the allocation of this EU aid?

Does the Commission have any specific, recent information on the number of refugees living in the Tindouf camps, information which has been requested by the UN High Commission for Refugees?

Without this vital information, how can the Commission effectively provide targeted humanitarian aid?

Furthermore, following the Malian foreign minister’s statements confirming the presence of Polisario fighters in northern Mali, does the Commission intend to impose sanctions against the Polisario Front, which administers this food aid? find link here:
To which a member of the parliament firmly replied:
Answer given by Ms Georgieva on behalf of the Commission
1. Humanitarian aid needs in the camps are identified and quantified by humanitarian organisations present in the camps such as WFP, UNHCR, Oxfam, the Spanish Red Cross, Triangle Génération Humanitaire and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In addition to that, the Commission has on the ground a network of highly qualified humanitarian experts who carry out needs assessment and monitor the operations regularly.2. Through its Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), the Commission is providing humanitarian aid to the 90,000 most vulnerable Sahrawi refugees living in the camps in south-west Algeria. This is the planning figure used by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on the basis of which the Commission is working. 3. The conclusions of the latest investigations carried out by anti-fraud body of the Commission further to allegations of misapplication of funds to the Sahrawi refugees did not lead to any request for recovery of funds or the necessity to initiate any judicial or administrative proceedings.4. The Commission attaches fundamental importance to ensuring aid effectiveness, sound financial management and respect of humanitarian principles, which implies monitoring of the action during the lifetime of the project by DG ECHO’s representatives.5. The Commission has not been informed of the confirmed presence of Polisario fighters in northern Mali. link here:

The set-up:
Morocco’s embassy in Syria, contrary to the EU’s answer, posted a communique through out its website saying the humanitarian aids and funds are being “embezzlement” by Polisario:
OLAF report underlines embezzlement of EU humanitarian aid in Tindouf camps, ESISC

Brussels — A recent report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) revealed the mechanisms of embezzlement of humanitarian assistance meant for the Sahrawi population sequestered in the Tindouf Camps, said on Monday the Brussels-based the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC).

The ESISC confirmed the existence of the classified report by the OLAF which underlines the persistence of the policy of confusion by Algeria and the polisario concerning the real number of the population sequestered in the camps, the lack of transparency, the responsibility of the Algerian Red Crescent and the absence of registration and census taking.
In preparing this report, which is the result of a six-month long investigation carried out in Brussels (under the aegis of ECHO, the Office of Humanitarian Aid of European Commission), in Algeria, in the Sahara, in Morocco and in other countries of the region, the OLAF used the most advanced and sophisticated methods, including concealing geo-location beacons, the ISISC said.
“Upon arrival, the discoveries made through these unprecedented efforts paid off: once humanitarian assistance arrives in Oran, it takes an average 48 days to be finally delivered at the Tindouf camps and a large part of the aid never reaches the Sahrawi people in need,” the same source said.
The ESISC noted that the OLAF report details how the Algerian Red Crescent is the first beneficiary of the aid, followed by the leaders of the polisario who use the financial manna to buy arms or to buy real estate for personal use in the Canary Island or Spain.”
According to the ESISC experts, since 1978, Algeria spoke of 50,000 detainees in a report submitted to the HCR. Three years later, the polisario claimed there were 300,000 people while some NGOs advanced the number of 700,000.
The report showed such discrepancy between the actual population and the estimated population posed many problems, as it made any adjustment of aid impossible and contributed to the continuation of all kinds of trafficking and to the embezzlement of humanitarian assistance. find link here:
And although the EU and UNHCR list of all humanitarian aid to Tindouf, find it here: Morocco finds it “logical” to go ahead and publish the fabricated story.

The result:
Liberte Maroc online news published the story and tries to seal it and deliver it to the world:
Vaste soulèvement dans les camps de Tindouf Intervention de l’aviation algérienne et tirs à balles réelles par les milices du Polisario pour mettre fin à la contestation rest of story here:
Needless to say that has a team onsite and has its boots on the refugee camps that categorically denies anything like this ever happened.

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