Learning your Twitter-Fu

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

Twitter is one of the largest social platforms out there that can help you build your brand and online presence. As any good tool, it can be used as a catalyzer to grow your efforts or hindrance that stops you in your tracks. To make your life easier I wanted to share few tips I learned in recent Wix seminar about online presence.


  • #hashtags — lets you focus on particular topics
  • @mentions — help you link a person or brand
  • Re-tweet — a method of spreading content that you like to your followers
  • Follower — person subscribed to your Twitter feed
  • Thought leaders — people influencing the flow of specific topics

When evaluating other people/company twitter account it’s quite common to assess followers/following ratio. This tends to be a good indication when the person/company has the strong traction of his audience. You will also need to assess how old is the account. That might indicate the velocity of influence that increases over time.

General Tips

It’s quite common to think that Twitter is just another Facebook wall with limited characters, but it’s quite different. When using Twitter you don’t have “friends”, you have followers. This small difference lets you follow someone like Donald Trump without actually the need to send Christmas cards every year. When the concept of followers is clear we can discuss general rules that you might follow.

  • Mentioning thought leaders increase the value of your tweets, especially if it’s a question that they respond to.
  • It’s important to only forward relevant content to your followers. This means re-tweeting content that would help your audience grow in the correct direction.
  • Don’t hesitate to start a conversation about a topic by leaving a comment. This is another great catalyst for conversation.
  • Using vivid images with your tweets focuses attention and helps your audience to stop and read your tweet (Pro tip: you can mention up to 10 people by using an image).
  • Using gifs with common memes instead of images sometimes helps users relate to the topic.
  • Schedule your tweets to create a consistent time period.
  • Using a mixture of #hashtags and @mentions in your tweet helps you attract the desired audience.


We as people try to optimize every single minute of our life. This tends to lead to a shallow understanding of problems and half-measured solutions. It’s important to take the time and understand the tools we are using to communicate.

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