Autonio Crypto Trading Championship Takes Last Three Rounds To Reddit

In a first of its kind experience, Antonio Crypto Trading Championship was planned to engage amateurs to check out how fun and rewarding crypto trading can get with Autonio trading robot when the experience is gamified to let users interface with its user-friendly GUI. Allowing users to work with the Artificial Intelligence and produce data also helps Autonio build up a robust platform.

A total of 200,000 NIO tokens (worth $11,000) are up for grabs. The results of the first two rounds of the 5-leg Autonio Crypto Trading Championship exceeded all the expectations of the developers of the platform. The first and second round winners returned an astounding profit of 3,137%APR and 1,642% APR, respectively.

“The fact that these results were obtained by amateurs with little or no algorithmic trading experience amazes us,” said Ali Raheman of Autonio.

Designed by AlgoShare, the competition is now opening up to a more versatile Reddit community. The 3rd round is now open for challengers until October 26th 12.00PM GMT at the contest site:

The Auonio Trading Robot is available for those challengers who want to practice before entering the championship at Investors can also backtest Autonio before making an investment decision.

Autonio token sale ends on 22nd October. Visit to buy NIO tokens.


About Autonio

Autonio is the first AI-powered decentralized robotic trading system that makes crypto-trading easy, rewarding, competitive and fun by allowing traders to design their own investment strategies and compete with peers. Traders can learn, profit and win. For more information, please visit

About AlgoShare
AlgoShare is a massively disruptive patent-pending technology platform that democratizes the $14 60 Trillion Algorithmic Trading industry bringing algorithmic trading profitability to common man by sharing the winning algorithms and spreading the wealth among the most impoverished. More details at

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