Dec 28, 2017 · 2 min read

Firstly, thank you very much for being the critic that I was looking for. It helps me grow so I was the first one to applaud your comment J

Secondly, my current blogging activity is themed “share your influence” to “change the world” of the impoverished using a radically new approach. We preferred creating memes for visual communications. So the text that goes with it is not intended to tell the whole story.

Thirdly, I am sure your perception would change if you knew the circumstances were far from the modus operandi of any of those evil characters that your mind generated. Jumping to a malicious conclusion and placing a pedophile, a rapist or a murderer in the circumstances that you barely have any reason to suspect makes your world a very scary place. Talking of suspicion, it is in fact your suspicion that creates what you suspect. I live in a world where every man I meet is a gentleman unless proven otherwise. That’s how our world remains functional and happy place. I don’t know if you live in such a scary place where you make monsters of every person you bump into.

Fourthly, I know my thinking on charity and poverty is quite radical that challenges the status quo. So it is bound to invite criticism. But I am here for a healthy conversation on the status quo, and not a hostile confrontation over trivial details of personal nature.

Finally, I urge you to bear with me for a few more posts and just give me that tiny benefit of doubt that you can afford, before you conclude whether my proposition is helping or harming the impoverished.


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