Prosperism: Blockchaining To Prosperity

hen Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels defined communism in their Manifesto of the Communist Party, it was just a single line answer followed by 24 more questions explaining various aspects of their theory. That single sentence was:

“Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat.”

Since it was neither a scientific theory, nor an established fact, the language left so much to interpretation, that Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and rest of the erstwhile Soviet block countries called themselves communist economies, yet actually were never ever seen implementing all of those 24 elements of Marx’s definition of communism. The fact that communism of Marx’s vision was only a fiction that couldn’t be actually practiced in real life is quite another matter.

Socialism, communism or for that matter capitalism are socioeconomic systems that aren’t products of any scientific exploration, so their interpretation can be left to anyone’s perception. But, any new theory, concept, product, solution, that builds upon scientific knowledge and methodology goes through the process of:

i) formulation of a hypothesis,

ii) testing the hypothesis,

iii) proving the hypothesis, and,

iv) finally defining the proven phenomenon as an indisputable scientific fact.

Prosperism, a radical take on economics of wealth generation and distribution, is entirely based on science and technology. Although it may have as much socioeconomic relevance as any other “ism”, it has evolved to become a scientifically provable phenomenon, four corners of which can be clearly and precisely defined.

Presenting here the definition of Prosperism:

Prosperism is a decentralized zero-loss ecosystem for generation and spreading of wealth based on incentivized and equitable sharing of assets between peers according to their haves or needs, without taxing the economy.

Here are the elements of the definition of prosperism:

i) Decentralized zero-loss ecosystem (that includes zero-loss trading and zero-loss financing);

ii) for democratizing the generation and spreading of wealth;

iii) based on incentivized and equitable sharing of assets between peers;

iv) according to their haves or needs;

v) without taxing the economy.

We’ll look at each of those elements in subsequent articles dealing with each of the 5 elements of the definition of prosperism:

1. Prosperism: The Zero-Loss Ecosystem

2. Prosperism: Democratizing The Generation & Spreading Of Wealth

3. Prosperism: Incentivized & Equitable Sharing Of Assets Between Peers

4. Prosperism: Sharing According To Haves Or Needs Of Peers

5. Prosperism: Spreading The Wealth Without Taxing The Economy.

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AlgoShare Brings #Sharonomics to #HFT #Algo #Trading In #Currency #Stocks #Commodities #Bonds #Cryptocurrency. #Economics #Fintech #Blockchain #AI #UBI #Poverty