Share Your Influence To Change The World: An Appeal From AlgoShare

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#ShareYourInfluence To #ChangeTheWorld Campaign By

The world would be a better place if extreme poverty was eradicated and wealth inequality reduced. Conventional wisdom cannot see any solution beyond socialism or human altruism in one or the other form. Taking it from the affluent and redistributing among the less fortunate seems to be the only solution. Thinking contrary will be defying the rules of economics. We are challenging that conventional wisdom and writing new rules of sharonomics.

To share is human, but not to expect anything in return is divine. The billions of social shares that we engage in everyday must be rewarding us with some level of gratification.

Everyone has something to share in exchange for some gratification. We have the AlgoShare tech, and we decided to share it. Our gratification is its spreading of the profits from $4 Trillion daily algorithmic trades, among the world’s most impoverished, and doing it without taxing anyone. Our gratification is also in the hope that you, the future beneficiaries of this disruptive tech, will support the initiative by sharing your likes, upvotes, tweets, retweets, posts, reposts, claps or thunderclaps. Share your influence, and you will be contributing to making our world a better place.

This is how you can share that piece of influence that you own to empower the impoverished and change the world:

1. Like & share this #ChangeTheWorld campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2. Post it on your personal blog, video blog, youtube channel

3. Clap it here and Thunderclap it on

4. Start a thread on Reddit

5. Get updates by following @AlgoShare on Twitter and signing up on

About AlgoShare
AlgoShare is a massively disruptive patent-pending technology platform that democratizes the $14 60 Trillion Algorithmic Trading industry bringing algorithmic trading profitability to common man by sharing the winning algorithms and spreading the wealth among the most impoverished. More details at

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