When AI not only beats the market with >3,000% APR, but also beats its creators’ expectations, Autonio happens!

Autonio recently launched an ICO to fund their artificially intelligent crypto trading robot, and made its alpha version available for live back testing at www.auton.io. The back testing results were so extraordinary that Autonio approached AlgoShare to design a contest that would not only be entertaining and rewarding for the crypto community, but also provide Autonio important feedback to fine-tune their product, which is currently synced with Bitfinex, the largest crypto-trading platform. To meet those objectives AlgoShare developed NioKing Crypto Trading Championship now live at www.nioking.algoshare.net.

In announcing the competition Ali Raheman of Autonio told media, “this algorithmic trading challenge serves the purpose of gamifying the trading experience and allowing users to work with the AI and produce data that will help Autonio build up a robust platform.”

While designing this unique Crypto Trading Championship, AlgoShare had a shared interest in building up a proof-of-concept model for AlgoShare’s patent-pending algo-sharing technology. Adding a layer of AlgoShare’s technology to Autonio’s market-beating crypto trading engine can create a win-win alliance that would democratize algorithmic trading and bring this growing $4 Trillion a year crypto-trading industry to masses.

“Reaching $11 Billion in daily transactions and poised to hit $4 Trillion in annual volume, crypto-trading has evolved as a major asset class in the world of finance. A natural synergy between Autonio and AlgoShare is therefore quite obvious”, said Ali.

The Crypto Trading Championship is being held in 5 legs, each leg publishing a leaderboard of top 10 trading strategies. A total of 200,000 NIO tokens are being awarded to the winner and two runners up through the entire championship. The duration between each leg / round was initially set at 48 hours. But what followed left all the parties overwhelmed and aghast with how magically this little genie was performing in the hands of amateurs. The first of the five leg competitions saw a winning strategy recording an out of the world earning of 3137% APR and even the 10th entry on the leaderboard made 117% APR.

“It wasn’t just beating the market but beating everyone’s expectations”, came the official statement from Autonio. Their official tweet says it all.

Thanks to all who participated in the first round of the Autonio Crypto Trading Championship. The results are overwhelming and beyond the imagination of the developers of the Autonio Trading Robot. The 2nd through 5th rounds are in progress at http://nioking.algoshare.net

About Autonio

Autonio is the first AI-powered decentralized robotic trading system that makes crypto-trading easy, rewarding, competitive and fun by allowing traders to design their own investment strategies and compete with peers. Traders can learn, profit and win. For more information, please visit www.auton.io.

About AlgoShare
AlgoShare is a massively disruptive patent-pending technology platform that democratizes the $14 60 Trillion Algorithmic Trading industry bringing algorithmic trading profitability to common man by sharing the winning algorithms and spreading the wealth among the most impoverished. More details at www.algoshare.net.

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