The Seed That Will Change How Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Firms Fundraise

Much of the cryptocurrency craze comes on the heel of pump-and-dump schemes raising tremendous amounts of assets with no prospect for profitability. Algo Token gives investors access to dividends and share buybacks for their investments into these early stage businesses. Structured as a decentralized accredited investor, capable of allocating capital to the world’s most successful hedge funds and venture capital firms, an Algo Token will pay constant dividends on your profits, not just raise price on an exchange!

Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies are a hot topic across all industries in 2017. The possibility of this new crowdfunding platform taking over traditional forms of venture capital is real, and happening as we speak. For early stage companies, the possibility of raising capital through initial coin offerings can be displayed through the multitude of success stories; many of which have nothing more than a whitepage, idea, a pieces of a team. Investors are incentivized to allocate capital based on the recent success of these new tokens once they start trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. The average return on ICO for the first half of 2017 was 400%, who wouldn’t invest?

As regulators and investors analyze the viability of this new funding platform, one question comes to mind- how long can this pump and dump market survive in its current form? There’s no question about the benefits of a decentralized form of crowdfunding: more efficient without a middle man, faster to access a world of investors, and flexibility of blockchain technology. As the “pump-and-dump” concerns continue, we introduce a way of turning this market into a real funding opportunity for investors, where their incentives are tied to business profitability, not only how much “pump” a business has upon ICO caused by the hype from their marketing team.

Today we introduce Algo Token, the first decentralized digital currency allowing investors to profit from the companies they invest into. Algo Token focuses on two primary financial concepts:

· Token buy-backs

· Dividends

We’re excited to launch our upcoming initial coin offering for the fall of 2017. Algo Token fills the void between investors and businesses in the current crypto environment. Follow us on Medium or Twitter for release of our upcoming whitepaper and initial coin offering!