a poem by Al Zolynas

— for my students

Afternoon. Across the garden, in Green Hall,
someone begins playing the old piano —
a spontaneous piece, amateurish and alive,
full of a simple, joyful melody.
The music floats among us in the classroom.

I stand in front of my students
telling them about sentence fragments.
I ask them to find the ten fragments
in the twenty-one-sentence paragraph on page forty-five.
They’ve come from all parts
of the world — Iran, Micronesia, Africa,
Japan, China, even Los Angeles — and they’re still
eager to please me. It’s less than half
way through the quarter.

They bend over their books and begin.
Hamid’s lips move as he follows
the tortuous labyrinth of English syntax.
Yoshie sits erect, perfect in her pale make-up,
legs crossed, quick pulse minutely
jerking her right foot. Tony,
from an island in the South Pacific, sprawls
limp and relaxed in his desk.

The melody floats around and through us
in the room, broken here and there, fragmented,
re-started. It feels Mideastern, but
it could be jazz, or the blues — it could be
anything from anywhere.
I sit down on my desk to wait,
and it hits me from nowhere — a sudden,
sweet, almost painful love for my students.

“Nevermind,” I want to cry out.
“It doesn’t matter about fragments.
Finding them or not. Everything’s
a fragment and everything’s not a fragment.
Listen to the music, how fragmented,
how whole, how we can’t separate the music
from the sun falling on its knees on all the greenness,
from this moment, how this moment
contains all the fragments of yesterday
and everything we’ll ever know of tomorrow!”

Instead, I keep a coward’s silence.
The music stops abruptly;
they finish their work,
and we go through the right answers,
which is to say
we separate the fragments from the whole.

“Love in the Classroom” was originally published by Steve Kowit in Gorrilla Extract, №1, Gorrilla Press, San Diego CA 1981 and then in The Maverick Poets (Anthology), also by Steve Kowit, Gorilla Press, 1988.

It was then reprinted in the following publications:
-The No-Street Poet’s Voice, Vol. 7, №4, April 1989, #70, San Diego CA
-Writing on the Edge, Vol. 1, №2, Spring 1990, John Boe, ed., Campus Writing Center, University of California, Davis, CA
-Editor’s Choice III: Fiction, Poetry & Art from the U.S. Small Press (1984–1990), Morty Sklar, ed. P.O. Box 920 Jackson Heights, New York NY 11372–0820, April 1992
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-“MILOSE W KLASIE,” translation into Polish of “Love in the Classroom,” by Czeslaw Milosz, Tygodnik Powszechny, Cracow, Poland, 1992
-Under Ideal Conditions: Poems, Laterthanever Press, San Diego CA 1994
-Letters to America: Contemporary Poetry on Race, ed. Jim Daniels, Waynes State University Press, 1995
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-The San Diego Reader, June 2010

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