#Part 1

EIDHI Sahab was a great humanitarian. His life was full of many examples of humanity even from his childhood when he helps the poor by giving them food to eat. His mother give him small packets of food to distribute between poor and needy persons. Although he was not an educated and rich man but he was a role model for everyone now a day. EIDHI Shaib was a man having big dreams. The people of that times call him “Sheikh Chilli” because he has a big dreams and not having money in his pockets but he has trust in himself and its also a man principle of Amal like “Khudi” (Trust in Yourself). EIDHI Sahib also do many hard work to win the hearts of people or fulfill his dream and to reach at this place. He left his study in his childhood and do a work at a cloth shop because in those days most of the kids work in shops. At the age of Eleven only when he works at cloth shop he earn only five rupees from which he kept only one rupee and give the remaining money to her mother. He also help poor patients of their area by bringing their medicine from a dispensary in his small age. He had only one mission to work hard and do “KAM KAM OR KAM” which is also a core principle of Amal.

Although I cannot compare myself with the legend “EIDHI Sahib” but like him I am also belong to a middle-class family and from examples of him I have also an example of hard work from my life which I am going to share with you. I have a dream from my middle education to go in to a “Punjab Group Of College” which is very expensive and we cannot afford it but I have trust is myself . I face many Challenges like EIDHI Sahib that my relatives call my dad that after matriculation put me in any Government College because my father is not able to pay my fee. But I do not lose hope after such external forces and do work hard. I do “Kam Kam or Kam” and get success in my Matriculation examination by getting 85% . After getting good grades or percentage a day came when my dream goes to reality and I got admission in my Dream College on 100% scholarship. It is just because of my hard work and “Self Confidence” which is the main principle of Amal Fellowship

And finally i am one of the top ten students of Punjab Group of Colleges.

#Part 2

Just Start Activity

Basically, I am not afraid to do anything in life but some time I feel hesitate to do somethings like I feel Nervous in giving interview or in my presentations at the front of people. “I feel like a bird without feather”. I think that what people say about me and how they react on me. But now I have decided to overcome this problem. I have decided to do three tasks

A. Interaction with more and more people

B. Try to make an approach that Interview panel will not kill or eat me

C. Give interview more and more

Interaction with more and more people

For this purpose, I start to interact with more and more people like I join Amal Academy where I found some new friends and having some different activities which give my very helpful for removing my fear.

Try to make an approach that Interview panel will not kill or eat me

I make an approach that its just a interview what should be maximum they will not get me job?. They will not eat or kill me then why I am scared.

Give interview more and more

After that I give interviews on many places just for the sake of removing of my fear not for getting job firstly I give interview in “IBRAHAMA” call center the whole interview is in English but I don’t scared and try to give their answer and that’s the way how I remove my scared.

Experience of this Task

After this task now i am able to face any interview panel without hesitation or shivering. I face different challenges for this task like like management of my time to go to different places for interview and rude behavior of diff people on interview but i never loose hope.My next step is to advice other people to start such activities from which they fear.