The Image that Seeming of Turkey? but not actually It is very different which in Reality!

Which is seen? Which is wanted to be seen?

At where of this is the reality?

Is this our issue? or is it arised from politics of the politicians or the other countries? on the other hand, is there a problem to we are the Muslim Country?

Before learning to be where the problem is, I want to mention from Turkey and our community.

Even though the majority of people who lived is Muslim, Turkey has many different ethnic and religious structure. Many foreign national citizen in Turkey is living. For instance, they might be Armenian, Russian, South African, Malaysian, Korean, Italian, American, in fact Scottish and I can add more and more.

Actually, the important thing is not where you came from or what our origins are. Wherever we live in the world,we will know that we will respect to each other and accept to each other.

Even if you come from wherever of the world, you have to which ethnic structure,and you belong to which religion , which is not important for us.

As long as it was not damaged its own state, nation and land, it hugs everybody without any reason, does not look different from its own nation, in fact family.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think to be the problem between the communities, real problem arises in politicians which governed the country.

Even though a problem can not be unilaterally thought, I think the real problem is that in other country politicians or those! who manage countries.

They are trying to pull the same line to Turkey as they did to other Muslim countries, of course are they not at fault?( I say for other Muslim Countries, especially, nowadays for their made, for places in the world)

They just think theirself, their own throats. They do not think their own people, or Muslim community.

That’s why all the burden is on Turkey. The eyes and ears of all Muslims, particularly wronged peoples are always in Turkey. Turkey is opening their own doors to them, is sharing their own homes and foods with them.

Actually, Turkey does not just do it for the Muslim peoples, does all wronged peoples all over the world. It opens its own doors to all mankind.

No one wants Turkey to do something according to its own head, they say that Turkey should not leave from the line. ( I could open it on in later writings what the line is.)

Although Turkish politicians have an important role in protecting Turkey’s right and introducing, telling, Turkish people should be in dialogue with the world with all pieces of the puzzle.

What is the puzzle and what are pieces of the puzzle?

It can be in a country, for example, with doctor, teacher, student, business sector, poet, author, actor, or actress of a whichever country, etc…

We must help our own country.

I am putting a comma for now,

I’m waiting all kinds negative or positive critisims, and comments…

You love Turkey! Because they love you all…

We are a loving, friendly society, just there is a request, please you listen from us to our unique and beautiful country!

Don’t remember! Politicians and managers and their own politicians are temporary. Yet, states and nations are permanent.

Love each other, respect each other…

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