Why do people imitate celebrities ?

Introduction :

In today’s modern era , people tend to imitate their favorite film actors or TV stars and this is becoming trend in this society . This report will talk about the factors that encourage youngsters to copy famous celebrities and reasons of this wrong tendency.

Urging Factors :

There are some factors that urge youngsters to imitate the behaviour and life style of famous people . First of all , today’s young generation are in the race of seeking attention and want people to appreciate them , therefore , they start copying their favourite celebrities . They would copy their hairstyle and outfits to look good and stylish in order to attract people. They get attracted to their lifestyle and their success and want to achieve the same in their lives .

Although this tendency is becoming common among people but it is not commendable because there are some teenagers who are not mature enough can even adopt bad behaviour from them and copying their luxurious life can effect their financial statement .

Conclusion :

To sum up , following celebrities can cause several problems . Taking inspiration is a good idea but copying would lead them to the fake world of idealism and they would lose their own originality.

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