Azure App Insights and VSTS better together!

I personally love Azure Application Insights and its always an integral part of any dev project I do on Azure or other platforms. One of great benefits of including App Insights with any project is insight to run-time exceptions and bugs that can be discovered during UAT or post-production deployments. Now if you are using Visual Studio Team Services, perhaps these bugs need to be added as work item as part of sprint and to be fixed fast and have CI/CD to take care of rolling out updates. While with a simple copy and paste we can do this within VSTS, how awesome would be to do this right within Azure Portal!

Here is how to do this:

From Azure Portal, under Config section select Work Items and configure your instance to point to right VSTS Project and Area.

Next simply go to specific error/exception you want to add as work item/bug to VSTS:

Select “Create work item” and assign an owner and select OK:

The work item should now be added as expected under VSTS and assigned to a developer to track:

Originally published at on July 31, 2018.