Visual Studio, Docker & Azure Container Instances better together!

One of the features I love, love, love about Visual Studio 2017 is the support for Docker integration with ASP.NET Core allowing to design, build and containerize solutions and run on either Linux

or Windows! Of course with that we also have the integration with Azure to push Docker images to Azure Container Registration and use them to run our solution on Azure App Services for Linux with a one single Publish command right from Visual Studio and of course with VSTS/VSO we can have and end to end CI/CD process for production deployment!

Now as a bonus when we have the image pushed to our instance of Azure Container Registry we can easily deploy our solution to new Azure Container Instance by running the following commands:

  • Connect to your registry via az acr list and get the image name and associated tag using az acr repository:
  • Create a new container using az container create:
  • And in matter of seconds our container should be up and running!
  • Simply connect to IP and there you go:
  • And for my developer friends not into command line there is also a way to do this from Azure Portal!

What’s next? Azure Container Services, Kubernetes and … Oh my …

Originally published at on August 17, 2017.