what is the metric volume of a standard swimming pool:

You’ve been on my mind so long

I’m offended.

Love sick and seething with

To do lists and other mild antibiotics.

(are we playing the game: snuff the fire before knowing its warmth.)

(are we aware: where we end up is one of us going.)

yesterday I admitted

I could spend my whole life

naked, sipping on wine and spiral bounds

though I’ve meant it this whole time

And I’ve been running towards it with every baby step

every accidental kitten-heeled misstep.

I am not pretending what I’m asking is not a big thing,


As partners, we could facilitate our life to cup in life’s hands

Everything we want to touch when we are occupying the same space.

We could leave our fingerprints on skin and surface

Or we can fall away as former lovers.

(which is worse than strangers)

in my opinion

as soon-to-be-former-lovers we are wading in that bliss dread.

Taking turns between treading, flailing limbs and tip-toing towards the shallow

Is this free weightlessness or is this drowning

Silent and submerged in the 3125 cubic meters of water parading as heteronormativity.

Listen. I am. Not Sure. Of. Many. Things.

All the laws I do not understand that would benefit from my understanding.


But there is pretty lawlessness in my understanding that

You make me feel like

(I am the dancer)

(I am the dance floor)

there is oxygen in

You making me feel like

(I am the dancer)

(I am the dance floor)

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