30 Day Coding Challenge

Day Twenty Seven: Fantastic Four!

Beginning the day, my main focus was to work on the extracurricular project as much as possible. I spent a good portion of the time properly understanding the guidelines and requirements, as well as planning out the project. What I have learned in my experience working with any sort database design and programming is that it is extremely important to plan through your process. I spent time familiarizing myself with the data given from the instructors, in order to know how to pull certain logs with specific queries. It’s a fun puzzle, trying to identify how the tables relate and how you may need to join them in order to get the best report. After spending some time looking through the data, I began testing some queries to find the specific data required in the guidelines. There was a lot of new information that I have learned within the last couple of days, so it was imperative that I reviewed a few lessons to make sure I was working as efficiently as possible. I didn’t think this project was going to be a cakewalk, and it is definitely proving me right. There is a lot of tedious information that can be forgotten so easily, such as certain statements needed in order properly store or retrieve data. Although it has proven to be tough, I’m excited to challenge myself and really push my abilities to new heights.

Believe me, it’s way more fun than it sounds!

As I delve deeper in this project, I’ve discovered just how much I really enjoy programming. Of course, I knew I liked it and wanted to pursue a career in it, but being able to work on a program without the surrounding college stresses allows me to thoroughly appreciate programming. With only four days to go, I realize this entire journey is just what I needed…

Day twenty seven, complete.