30 Day Coding Challenge

Day Twenty Two: Feeling…

At the beginning of the day, I spent a good portion of time job searching, reviewing old school projects to add to GitHub, and going through some video lessons on Treehouse. I realized the other day that I only have a few of my projects on GitHub and it would be a good idea to add some more to showcase what I am able to do. I took some time to take a quiz on data structures and algorithms on Angel.co. For not reviewing the focus material since I took the course last Spring, I did quite alright. Afterwards, I jumped into Udacity to continue on with my course work. I noticed I received feedback on my third unit project. It had a few tips here and there to better my code, and a couple requirements that needed to be updated in order to receive the full credit. A couple of the things mentioned were that I had too many lines of code in one of my functions (18 lines was the maximum), I needed to be more specific in my commenting, and I needed to create a variable for one of the numbers I was using in a conditional statement (in order to give it meaning for those reading my code). It was really helpful to get this feedback, because in my head, I understand what I am trying to accomplish and what my comments are trying to convey, but it is always better to be more specific. I remember in my early programming days that I would not comment at all, thinking that it was pointless. Boy, did I learn from that when I had to be in a group project and read through another person’s code. I’m always happy to be reminded of things that can make my programs better in the long run.

Always nice receiving positive comments!

As we wrap up today, tomorrow commences the final weekend of the challenge (*sniff* *sniff*). It’s crazy to think that this month is over next Friday. It doesn’t seem like it is a lot of time left, but there is so much I can learn before then. I’ve really proved to myself what kind of things I can accomplish in such a short period of time. I’m excited to get into this weekend and continue on my journey…

Day twenty two, complete.

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