30 Day Coding Challenge

Day Twenty One: Three Weeks!

As of today, I have completed three full weeks of coding every single day. It’s insane to think of how fast it has gone and how much I have learned in such a short amount of time. I spent the day diving into the Back-End Development track, which discussed the need for databases, and the introduction to SQL programming. So far, we have engaged in how to manipulate and pull data from a database. This is a subject I really enjoyed in college and I’m glad I get to deepen my understanding about it in this course. A lot of the lessons were refreshers and some even had tips that I had never used before when writing in SQL. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming lessons where they connect it back to what we learned when discussing Python. I’ve only just started this portion of the course and I already feel like I am learning so much.

SQL Time!

To think that there is only one week left of this challenge makes me sad, yet excited at the same time. Sad that the documentation of my journey will be done (for now), but excited that I can use everything I have learned and build off of it next month and all the months to come. I’m hoping I will soon be able to put all these skills to work in a career, but that will happen when it is supposed to. I’m lucky to be able to take some time during my job searching process to learn subjects and grow my portfolio. It’s amazing the things that can be accomplished in such a short period of time…

Day twenty-one, finished.