Facing your fear of failure by raising funds for Edhi Foundation

“Failure” is itself a scary word. Who does like to be failed or faced failure? I guess no one including us i.e. fellows of Amal academy. But we came to know during sessions that it is one of the most successful path to success. I also got fear from this word because at the very early of our lives we are told that there must be no failure or if you get failed you are a loser. But at Amal I learned a completely different meaning of failure like you only learn from your failure and you are failure only when you stops to try. Every successful man in the world at least for one time faces a failure like the greatest example of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Abdul Sattar Edhi is also one of the great examples.

Again Amal Academy comes up with a new interesting project for us i.e. face our fears of failure by raising funds for Edhi foundation. We are put together in a group of five member’s i.e. Abuhurara, Ali, Fatima, Farhan and Ramzan. We started brainstorming ideas for collection and decided that we make a box for Edhi foundation funding and starts collecting funds from university. Let’s take a look at picture of box.

Box for fund’s colletion

For this purpose we decided to gather on Wednesday at 12.30 PM in Punjab University. So we meet up on Wednesday and everyone was feeling so nervous and also we are afraid of the worst things that can happen. But we take this thing in mind the only worst thing that can happen is that the next one refuses to give us funds.

So after lot of discussion we decided to start our collection, the very first person to whom we asked even didn’t acknowledge our presence. She simply ignores us and that she can’t hear us. We got disappointed but taking the failure thing in mind we move towards next person and then explain him the whole thing and then he gave us donation.

Abuhurara collecting funds
Ali collecting funds

We move from on department to another like economics to social work, political science, international relations, botany, through most of the corridors to faculty to students even a senior professor at Chemical Engineering department got a slightly angry that why we give that institution donation than we explained him the whole thing and he gave us a RS.1000 in the end.

Discussion with Faculty

We met a lot types of people there some consider this a genuine cause while the other’s make fun of us. We are also met with a lot of people who without listens gave us and with those who even make us to explain things for three to four times and then gave us nothing, of course that is their decision and we learned a lot from this.

If we lose hope after our first attempt than we can’t be able to proceed further but we continues to try on reaching our target that is of RS. 10,000 and not only we succeeded but we get RS 500 more than that. We not only collect money from Punjab University but also from residential area.

Box with funds

This not only gives us mental satisfaction of collecting something useful for society but also determined towards our goal, our ambition in life. We are very thankful to Amal Academy who makes us done this wonderful project.

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