Humility and Mentor ship

Mentor-ship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but she or he must have a certain area of expertise.

I also have a lot of mentors during my life including my parents, Siblings, friends and teachers. They all have been helping me during my educational as well as normal life. The one who has changed my life and helped me become what I am today is my Sir Ijaz Ahmad. He has been a mentor for me since I met him. He is a high teacher. I met him when I was failed in 9th class. I didn’t know what to do now, because my parents didn’t want to study they were understand that I’m a poor student, but He guided me and told me that I sit again in 9th class. Then I set in again 9th class with his accompaniment I got first position Matriculation. It was significant success for me. Because of him I got selected for PEEF scholarship for my intermediate program. He further guided me and I got first position in Intermediate. He suggested me to get higher education to apply Hailey College of commerce, University of Punjab. I applied and finally got admission in one of best Commerce institute. It is all because of his help, I strongly believe that if I hadn’t met him I wouldn’t have been the person I am today.


Humility is a virtue. It is the quality of keeping one’s self under control. It is the opposite of being proud. A person who possesses this quality is humble and meek. A humble person is the master of himself. He is not stubborn. He is ready to accept other people’s advice and learn from their experience. He is not annoyed with anybody. A proud person gets angry easily, when something offends him. A humble person does not get angry easily. He admit his mistakes and short-comings politely. A proud person does not admit his fault easily. He gets annoyed and blames others for his own mistakes. A proud person is stubborn and angry. He does not value other person’s suggestions and ideas.

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