Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

I always inspire from the Abdul Sattar Edhi because his entire life best example of Humanity and kindness. He spent whole of life served the humanity so I always try to serve and kindness to the other people without return and expectation.

Giving seat to an old man

I gave my seat to an old man during traveling in bus because I’m young and I respect an old men and women so I can stand a long time.

Help to my friends

I always help to my friends for the preparation of exam during the exam and help every time if they need.

My friends help me

Whenever I need something, then I tell my friends they always help me and I always show gratitude.

Entertain to friends

I’m a good entertainer and have a good humor so whenever my friends and I get to gather I always entertain them. My friends always pleasure from me.

Help to an old man

When I was in 10th class and when I was go to offering prayer Assar time I always met an old man he could not cross stairs. I always helped him to cross the stairs. After the prayer again I helped him to leave the home. He always gave me a lot of prayers.

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