In my experience, change is the thing from all humans are afraid. Nobody wants to change his life. Because getting change requires courage and risk. Learning new things is also similar to it.

Usually, I don’t like the changes. I always tried to repeat same things because I am used to doing them and finally I am good at them.

While learning new things, I am usually afraid of failure. Because at the start it is always unclear that how it will going to be and a big question, what could be the outcomes? I have also experience that, the most difficult phase is the startup. Startups are always difficult.

From the course, I learnt how our brain works and how we can handle it smartly. I learned that initially I should invest a little time in learning a new thing. Learning new things could be exhausting so I can plan a break after every 25 to 30 minutes to relax my mind. Slow and steady learning will build the foundation of concepts and abrupt and quick learning will make weak foundation.

I felt that these things are key to learning new things effectively. I will definitely going to start new thing slowly. I have to spend proper time with new thing so I could get used to it. I know startup will be very difficult but I should be remain enough motivated and I have to look at the brighter parts of my struggle.

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