Life from the Other’s Perspective…

One the greatest hero our Nation, Abdul Sattar Edhi Sb. He is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation. I must say, he is a man of his own kind. Who struggled throughout his life just to serve humanity. He never believed in making surplus money and disliked anything surplus with a vengeance and rejected it in his thoughts, food, comforts and his desires and kept his lifestyle to the basics.

The only time he entered into a fight was when somebody teased a mentally handicapped person. One morning on his way to his School, he noticed an unfamiliar man with unkempt hair, tattered clothes and no shoes. Who was surrounded by a group of senior boys from his School. Edhi sb quickly hid himself behind the water tank and watched as they poked the victim with a stick and he was in trouble for no reason. He was just ran around in like a trapped animal. He was helpless. People around him were just making a joke out of it for amusement.

That’s made Edhi sb angry and sad. He went straight to one of a torturers. Looked at him with his little height and asked him nicely to stop at once. Edhi sb repeated one of his learning from his mother.

“This is not the reason you are normal. If you have no good to give him, give him nothing, but do not use God’s favor to you against him who has received none”.

In result, they all turned their attention towards him and Edhi sb’s small size became pronounced and similar to their earlier victim. Edhi sb fought back with all his strength and came out of the brawl badly beaten.

Out of many, this is only an example of Edhi sb’s life. That how in his early age he #juststarted his journey to serve the people for no advantages but satisfaction.

Some days earlier, one of my friend had his birthday. I and some of my friends decided to celebrate his birthday in an orphan house. I had no idea about that this visit is going to change my perspective about the life so greatly.

On that day, we joined them in noon and spent half of our day with them. I still remember that time, when we entered in that house. All the children were already in the courtyard because they were notified before our arrival and they were staring at us like they have not seen any stranger in so many days. We met over 90 children over there and also shared their lunch. In Lunch they were organized well according to the instruction on the dining table and having very small piece of meat with very thin gravy like water and a roti. I cannot explain the taste of that food in words.

Anyhow, after lunch we celebrated the birthday party and all the children cheerfully sung a birthday song for the birthday boy. We served them with the birthday cake. Meanwhile, a lot of questions were popping up in my mind. Like what is the feeling of being homeless? These kids don’t even have a family? They don’t even know who were their parents? Do they know where they belong? Are they allowed to leave that house? What they think about most of the time? How it feels like having no siblings? What is feeling of being an apple of no one’s eye? How many children are still wondering out in the world who don’t even managed to reach this kind of secure places.

Soon after I started comparing my lifestyle with all these children. I was shocked by just remembering all my problem that I have complained about to Allah, was not even close with the problems of these children. At that time I realized, I am living a very good life so I thanked to Allah and prayed to him for these poor souls. I also realized one thing that for me is of great importance, if you want to live a happy and peaceful life, then try to see your life from the perspective of those people who don’t have life like you. Do think about those people who are behind you in this race of life.

That orphan house was funded by Punjab Government so it was a relief for me to know that these kind of people are not forgotten in our society.

This example came to mind because I think at that time Edhi sb was also thinking same like me, what happened if he was at the place of that handicapped person.

I am glad Allah blessed me with a sound mind. So I can think positive and can make some efforts to make this world a better place to live. So, I went straight to the head of that orphan house and showed my interest to visit that place again in future and asked him, how I could make contribution in these children’s life. We ended up with deal that I could teach some basic computer studies to these children on my next visit.

At the time of leaving, I decided to also bring my family at that place in future, so everybody could see the life from that point of view and could thank to Allah for his blessings upon us. I also decided to act as a Guardian of couple of these kids when I will start earning. At the very last I was sad for those children but also glad for my new perspective of life.

I believe we live in a modern world, in which we don’t have time for anyone who really don’t worth it. Our surrounding has makes us selfish and everyone is in his own race. But I think the most important thing in a human’s life is happiness. Happiness can give you peace. Happiness is certainly not a thing that you can buy with money but it can be created by your own small deeds. I bet helping someone who is not strong enough to survive is one of a greatest source of happiness. So do try to see the world from the others point of view. May be It will help you to be a better person.