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Name: Alia Jumma




A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to start eating healthier and try to cook my own food and I wanted to have my favourite dessert which is brownie, so I looked up for some recipes and I found one that I was so excited to try it out and it was semi-healthy so I started by melting the dark chocolate and the coconut oil and then added the coconut sugar, grounded almonds, Himalayan salt, baking powder and eggs and i mixed it all together and by that time the mixture smelt so good that my mouth was watering after that I poured the mixture in the pan and put it in the oven for 25 minutes the kitchen by this time smelt like a cake bakery it was irresistible that in 20 minutes it was gone, everyone ended up loving it as much as I do so I was so happy because it was a proud moment for me.

How to make brownies:


I chose this topic because I love baking brownies and specially when it’s easy to make and is semi-healthy also it’s because everyone in our family loves it. First of all I chose the rhetorical mode second I wrote the narrative and picked the video recipe and lastly I created the website. This MLP helped me to understand and learn about mobile learning but I didn’t understand my chosen rhetorical mode. With the MLP I gained experience on creating websites.

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