Makers gonna MAKE!

There is a theory that no thought is ever original, we are a recycled pot of ideas. However some of us break ALL the rules, norms and constraints… Some people are beautiful enough to spark change in you, crazy enough to challenge everything and brave enough to keep on moving…

Some of us MAKE a life, rather than live one.

Almost a week ago I was very much privileged to be at the first Cairo Maker Faire in Egypt held at the American University in Cairo- Greek Campus.

On my way I was so excited to be around all those new ideas, gadgets and people. Not the regular crowd for someone in their mid-twenties with a dreary, mostly uninspired 9–5 corporate ladder to attempt to climb. Being there I had one of the awakening moments in my short experience so called grown-up life.

I was blessed enough that a few of the organizers spotted me since I looked awkward in the setting given my age i would like to believe, and they helped me with registering to quite a few very cool workshops and talks.. For that I thank you guys!

I was TOO DISAPPOINTED! I was too disappointed that I was probably one of the oldest people around… Above Twenties clans and tribes WHERE ART THOU?!!! official numbers say that ages 20–40 are 53% of the attendees but what of the makers?

I think that a lot of us have been burdened and restricted by society too much that we are on a leash with our creativity… I believe that the way we were educated and consequently perceived the learning process led to the demise of the KID in us… that Kid that used to play with everything, that annoying little brat that broke things to see how they are made… that brat that re-purposed everything around them to create something entirely new even if it doesn't make sense to anyone but that kid… That annoying kid that always asked the two most annoying questions “WHY?” and “BUT HOW”?

Not only has real life smacked us in the face with the harsh reality that maybe you can’t make a career out of something you love, but also we forgot that we are allowed to have FUN with it. We are entitled and actually held responsible to throwing our FUN away… When was the last time we MADE something…? Your own DIY project, your own recipe, your own code, application, robot, printer, painting… When was the last time you jammed? Wrote your own piece of music, did your own silly dance…snapped a picture that wasn't for the sole purpose of sharing on social media… Created your own scent …..Your own design… your own furniture… When was the last time you were challenged by a piece of hardware…? When was the last time you were all greasy from car parts or machinery in general for the love of it… when was the last time your hands dabbled with something that challenged you and baffled your mind? When was the last time you said “Hey this probably won’t get me any money but I am going to do it anyway?”… When was the last time you were consumed by something that was for you…? Not consumed by how to transform it into a business … When was the last time it was about you…YOU…YOU and Just YOU?

How many of us have fun with things and MAKE things even if they aren't eventually going to lead you anywhere… you’re just HAVING FUN!

The satisfaction we get as humans by creating something and leaving our imprint is a huge reason we survive, people procreate and feel threatened if they don’t have a lineage behind. Making something is not a luxury it’s an instinct, an instinct we learned to suppress because the idea that it will get you nowhere got to us… The way we were raised that you don’t waste time and focus on things that get you income or secure a job to you.

It would be immature to say that you shouldn't worry about how you make a living… but how about having a life as well…

I was privileged to be reminded by all the young talents in the maker faire that I want to be a maker… I want to do stuff, learn stuff and constantly dabble with things I have never considered before.

The energy I got from being around those amazing individuals and collectively amazing society is enough to restore my faith in a lot of areas that were dim and maybe even dark.

I want to MAKE a LIFE and not just a living… I still will always looks for reasons to love my 9–5 job because it is a blessing in so many ways for now, yet as I grow from old to older, I will always want to be a MAKER more than anything else… Just that… if I am lucky enough ONLY THAT!

Makers Make, Enjoy!


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