Myths About relationships

Their are many myths about relationships people feel that being in relationships is all about the amazing stuff holding hands, sharing special moments and having someone to lean on through the rest of your Life.

Relationships can be amazing but they are not always this picture perfect.

While these are the high points of a relationship during the early phases reality sets in once the initial days are past the feeling of being in love starts to subside and relationship starts needing more substance such as common interests and shared goals in Life.

You can never survive just on love as all the movies and the fairy tail books would let us to believe.

All the Hollywood Movies , Disney , Lifestyle magazines, and now Facebook, do a superb job at propagating false messages like, When you meet The One, you’ll just know, or, If you don’t feel butterflies every day, you’re with the wrong partner.

This kind of messaging is wrong for us it’s frightfully easy to fall prey to the insidious thought that there’s something wrong with your relationship, which may cause you to walk away from a loving, well-matched partner.

It is important for us to deconstruct the commonly held beliefs and myths around relationships. For example here are 8 big myths

Remember these myths and know that in order to make your relationship flourish you have to go beyond to make your relationships work and it is very easy to leave a relationship but much harder to keep it working throughout your life